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Have a problem with ingrown toe nails?
We know how much pain you are in. Do not wait to get treated! Ingrown nails can cause serious infections, and lead to complications. We can help you. The treatment is fast, and gives you instant relief.  Call our office now for more details and to schedule your consultation.
Self-treatment – NOT a good idea!
We see many patients that use online sources for advice and try to self-treat ingrown nails. Many people wait for a while to see a doctor, hoping the problem will go away. These cases are usually more complex, and require treatment with antibiotics. We highly recommend timely evaluation and professional treatment in order to avoid serious complications, including the risk of bone infections, hospitalizations, and long term antibiotic therapy.
Special warning for patients with diabetes: if any sings of redness, swelling, drainage, or pain are noted you need to see a doctor ASAP! Call us and ask for same day appointments, and we will make sure you get proper care.
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